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Thursday 7th July 2022 / Update on Aesthetic Rules during this WBC 2022, from David HIRSCH :

2022 WBC Aesthetic Rules:

Aesthetic Rules Overview
A maximum of five entries per person, no more than two in any category. The categories are:
1. Boomerang Decoration
2. Boomerang Craftsmanship
3. Boomerang Natural Elbow
4. Throw Stick (Kylie)
5. Boomerang Related Object

Three selections for the category Best of Show will be chosen by the judges from the five categories and the order of first, second and third will be voted on by all in attendance at the awards ceremony.

Aesthetic Rules Details
A Judging Panel, appointed by the IFBA Aesthetics Chairperson and nominated from IFBA members by members, must consist of three judges who are active IFBA members. Judges shall not have entries in the Competition.
In the event a group (such as students) wish to enter a collaborative object, one person must be a registered IFBA member. If a person enters a series or a puzzle made of several boomerangs or parts, then the whole series, puzzle or spatial composition will be accepted and judged as one entry. Only one of the two entries per person per category can be a series.
The five main categories for Awards will consist of:
1. Decoration
    a. Decoration: paint, appliqué or attached materials applied to the boomerang.
2. Craftsmanship
    a. Craftsmanship: Strip lamination, lap joint or other construction processes that emphasize     technique and manufacturing prowess.
3. Natural Elbow
    a. Natural Elbow: Boomerangs constructed from roots or limbs of trees or other organic         structures where the curve of the boomerang is already in existence.
4. Throw Sticks
    a. Throw sticks (Kylies): Any object constructed from natural or man-made substances that is     designed for non-returning flight.
5. Boomerang Related Objects, such as bull roarers, t-shirts, etc.
    a. Boomerang Related Objects (Bull Roarers, t-shirts, etc.): Any objet d’art that incorporates     boomerangs or is related to boomerangs by culture or that has a boomerang theme.

Each category will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place. An award will be presented for Best of Show and will be selected from the entries in the first five categories. Three entries from the five main categories will be selected by the Judges for Best of Show. The order of winners for Best of Show, 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be decided by a vote of those in attendance at the awards ceremony.

All objects entered in the competition must have clear designation whether inscribed on the object or affixed to it with the creators name, name of the entry, and category entered. Separation of Aesthetic entries into categories may be changed by the judges and any change of this sort may not be disputed. Any boomerang entered into the competition is attested to be a flying returning boomerang. If the judges feel there is credible evidence that an entry is in fact not capable of returning, then the judges can ask permission to test the entry or if a test may harm the entry, the judges may place the entry in the Boomerang Related Object category.

There is a limit of two entries per category or five entries total from any individual. Objects entered into the competition are understood to be the property and work of the person entering them. If a person enters someone else's work, whether on another person's behalf or as owner of said object, the judges may require documentation that the person entering the object has permission of the creator to do so. Any collaborative object that wins or places will be noted as a win or place for the group responsible for the work, not just the individual who entered the object. Any entry that receives an award is ineligible to be entered into any future IFBA Aesthetics competition. However, objects that do not receive an award may be re-entered in another IFBA aesthetics competition.
It is the responsibility of the person entering the contest to read and understand the rules. Judges decisions are final.

Note : If you can't physically come to this WBC, you can still participate to this event !

In this case, yoy will have to send your entry to this address : 


31 chemin des sources



Notice that all Aesthetic entries MUST arrive to you by the 16th August, otherwhise, the Aesthetic Comittee will not take your entry in consideration. Thank you for understanding.