Il est totalement impossible de déterminer la situation d'Aout 2022 nous communiquerons les mises à jour.

It is impossible to determine what will be the situation in August 2022, we will communicate updates .



Here are some questions we received:


What about sanitary restrictions ? You will have to respect the rules of your travel company and the rules of the french ministry of sports .


Qu'en est-il des restrictions sanitaires ? il vous faudra respecter les regles de votre compagnie de voyage et celle du ministère des sports .





-> 02 APR 2022 UPDATE : Regstration of the teams is open, if you a re a team leader, you will recive a mail soon .

-> Is it possible to register NOW ?

-Yes you can pre register :  Please use this form : Pre Registration Form

-> Can I register for the Individuals events if I have no Team ? /Peut-on particper aux épreuves individuelles si on ne fait pas partie d'une équipe ?

- Yes but we give priority to the Team throwers (see below) / Oui mais nous donnons la priorités aux lanceurs par équipes (Cf question suivante). 

-> what is the deadline ? / Quelle est la date limite pour s'inscrire ? 

- We are going to answer you very soon. There will be a deadline for the National Teams registration first, then a second deadline for international teams and individual throwers depending on the remaining places. / Nous allons préciser les dates très bientôt. Il y aura une date limite pour l'inscription des équipes, ensuite en fonction des places restantes nous pourrons inscrire les équipes internationales et les lanceurs individuels.

-> Can I register only for the LD event ? / Est-ce que je peux participer uniquement à la LD ?

- Yes, but please notice that the number of throwers is limited (see the LD section here : LD tournament) / Oui mais le nombre total de participants est limité (voir la rubrique Longue Distance)

-> Are international teams allowed ? / Est-ce que les équipes internationales sont autorisées ?

- Yes, BUT according to the IFBA rules it is allowed ONLY if for some reason a country cannot have a national team. (Reminder : a team is considered as "national" if at least 4 throwers come from the same country) / Oui mais conformément aux règles IFBA c'est possible uniquement pour les lanceurs isolés qui n'ont pas suffisamment de lanceurs dans leur pays pour constituer une équipe. (Pour rappel, une équipe est comptabilisée comme équipe nationale si elle comporte au moins 4 lanceurs de même nationalité)

-> Can a French thrower participate if he/she is not affiliated to the french Federation FFVL ? Est-ce que je peux m'inscrire si je suis français mais non licencié à la FFVL ? 

- Evidemment non, pour aucune des épreuves ni pour faire partie d'une équipe internationale. / Of course not, neither for Individuals, Team or LD. And even not to take part of an International Team.



-> How many throwers and teams can participate ?

 -Maximum 100 throwers / 16 teams. 

-> Is there any aesthetics / craftmanship competition scheduled ?

- Yes. We will give you more info as soon as possible, please give a look here ;)



-> How many beds are available ?

-136 places In the Domaine de Moulerens. An hotel should be used to achieve the total number of beds expected.

Few more place will probably be offered at local throwers home.

-> Is there a fridge in the rooms ?

- We have checked the info : no.

-> Is there any TV or screen in the rooms ?

-Yes, but a small one

-> Is it possible to have specific food request (e.g vegan, meals without allergens etc) ?  

Yes of course but we currently are checking the details. Please notify your requests in the registration form and contact us if you have a very specific or unusual request.

-> is there WIFI on the domain ?

- Most likely yes, but we are checking (do not hope to have 150 throwers using facebook at the same time)



-> How far are the fields from the accomodation place ?

- Well, not more than 100m ;) No vehicle needed.

-> Is there any transportation between the main place and the LD field planned ? 

Yes, of course. The LD field of Cabanac is about 20km from the Domaine de Moulerens and we will have a minibus + local trhower's cars.

-> Is it possible to come from Bordeaux if somebody wants to visit the Town before or after the WBC ?

- The fields and main accomodation are about 10km from Bordeaux and there are some bus



-> How is the weather in Bordeaux in late August?

Usually sunny and hot but not as extreme as in the Arizona desert ;)   Max. 30-35°C days temperatures are possible, but it can be cooler too (say "mild", nice temperatures), sometimes some heavy rainstorms.

You can see some statistics about the weather here :  Gradignan historical weather


-> The logo : may i use the logo on shirts ?

Yes you can for non commercial use / Oui, c'est possible pour un usage non commercial.


-> Do i need a third party liability insurance to participate to WBC ?

Yes, if you do not have one, WBC2020 structure will propose you one a low price.